– Surviving as a new Mama, a Pep-Talk –

As I write this I am typing with one hand and holding a teether in my five month olds mouth to stop the screaming. I have about 1,786,363 other things I could and some may say probably should be doing but as I looked at all my To-Do this and Remember that lists I couldn’t shake the allure of a blank page. I haven’t written anything except Lists and Baby Logs in a month or so and it is beginning to make me heavy. I have been exploring this amazing world of mommy blogs as I create my own online presence while learning to be a Mom and maintain my identity. All while attempting to continue creating and to feel accomplished. And I wanted to share a little about where I am, the chaos and the crazy and the fact that it isn’t always shiny and trendy and beautiful like we see on so many power mommy pages. Now don’t get me wrong I LOVE all of you shinin’ Mamas out there and you bring me drive and inspiration daily, for that I am extrememely grateful. I also realize your shining infectiously beautiful blogs are that way from years and hours and countless trials and errors. I totally understand that you have your food in hair and lego stepping painful moments, and most of you acknowledge the messy side and that is what makes you real and inspiring. The fact that you have been in the deep flood of burp rags and dirty bottles and evil boob pumps and tough to clean parts, and still  have made it to a fulfilled, growing, (did I say shining?) state, makes me hopeful, and excited, and driven, and full.

That being said, I wanted to write a post about the beginning of mommy hood and highlight all of the crazy it carries and share a little of what I am learning and how I am clawing my way up the mountain of motherhood as the rocks keep tumbling down. It is wild. Some of the rocks flying down at you are the same ones from before parenthood, deadlines, lack of inspiration, the normal struggles, but after your little joins you there are suddenly all types of new rocks, seemingly much bigger than the old, and there is probably a fire coming up the mountain, and wind, and your pants are probably on fire as you climb, ya they’re on fire- and you’re holding a baby, who is biting your cracked nipples- But as we all know if we are making this trek as a new parent, there are so many new beauties that weren’t there before, the sun shines a little brighter and a new shade of light fills your world, the birds are more colorful and sign a new song- ya know if I am keeping up with my metaphor, the birds and sun are the precious beauties our babies gift us; the smiles, the moments of discovery, the nuzzles of love, the whole new world of perfection they bring into ours.

Yes, there is nothing that could touch the blessing that they are, the huge jump of meaning and beauty your little world makes is unreal and priceless. But in the crazy moments, when you are tired, and you can’t believe your hair, and you think of your adventures of before and the freedom and the salty air and the things you used to create and you stare at your unfinished projects, it is hard. You feel stuck, and in the weirdest way because um hello, look at your beautiful little human you would never want to be without her or this new role you have as a mama- but you are also human, a unique only you human, and we need that identity too- and we have fuel tanks that need to be filled, not only to keep your heart happy but to be the best version of yourself to that little life smiling up at you in the morning. And that takes time, and time is non existent when you have a new baby. And it is hard. And it’s beautiful. And you will find your way and smile at this chaos from afar and naievely think ‘Ooooh it wasn’t that bad.’ Yes, we all have those fuel tanks that need to be filled, and for each person they are different.

For me it is reading and writing beautiful words, playing in my sand and ocean, creating something that excites my soul; paint to white canvas, seashells to dish, wood pieced together. I need these little moments of accomplishment in order to be stoked and happy and goofy for my little. And it is hard. The fuels needed for these are hard to find; creativity, drive, time. They all seem like things you must of imagined knowing before because they sure don’t exist from where you are now. I am starting a creative business and sometimes after being screamed at and pinched and demanded of the last thing I feel is creative, and it has proven difficult for me to accept that, to understand and accept that sometimes you feed, love, bathe, change, and nap your little and then finally step in to your studio only to hit a wall. To not have the drive, or not be able to lure that little creative spirit of yours out of hiding- or your baby just wants to be held and talked to, and when this happens you have to just pick up your tiny little human and absorb this o so small glimpse of time you are in and be OK with not doing anything but making them giggle and watching netflix today, and to know and believe that that alone is an accomplishment. I know, I know we hear it all the time, ‘JUST A MOM!? no such thing’- ‘Your babies are alive, you are doing something right’- ‘Mothers have the biggest job of all, we don’t need to do anything else!’ all those same catch phrases from all the mommies and mommy bloggers out there, that somewhere along the way the words lose meaning when you see so many highlight reels on instagram, and blogs, and on pinterest.

We see these beautiful, fun, happy moms with their four perfect littles in their trendy outfits and their perfect curls and you wonder how they do it, because it all looks like time to you, those curls def took time, they would for me! And you think about all they put in to it and for one day? One picture? and all of their candid shots are glowing too and you believe that is their life, beautiful and put together (did I say shining?) and it is easy to get discouraged and to wonder how you will ever be able to turn the seed of the dream you carry and guard inside you in to a vision pretty enough to set up on the shelf next to theirs and you feel small and it is hard. But then you look at your highlight reel, and you see just how truly beautiful your little world is in all of it’s messy glory. And you write something that makes your soul smile, or create something that makes someone else smile, or you read a chapter in one of your books and you feel it again- Hope. Truth. Calm. Gratitude. You get a little fuel in your tank and you feel better. But it is still hard,  Hard to believe you will figure it all out, that you will find this groove, and schedule, and identity every one says you will. But you will, it just takes time, and waiting and wondering is hard. But there is power in releasing this need of ‘right now’ and ‘just as planned’. You get to a point where you are ok with everything not happening today, you do. But it is an ongoing give and take from and back to yourself but you learn it, and you grow in it, and so does your little one. You start a project and they steal you away and then you catch their first laugh or see them do something new and you are grateful you weren’t distracted. Because the blog posts and laundry and dinners won’t make the memory bank, but the little, perfect moments will. And when your little one hits a milestone you will see your baby fading and your child growing in to itself and you will once again be thankful for all the times they stole your attention, because those moments are the things we will cherish. Not the projects done or the cleaning accomplished.

My girlfriend came over to see me and baby yesterday with her brand new little girl and this realization hit me as I told her just as I had been told by other moms that the crazy stage of cluster feeding and tiny naps and sore nipples will end, and I realized it was true. It is just one of the lessons you have to gather up yourself to believe, because in the moment it seems never ending. We talked about breastfeeding and how we had to release our need to resent and avoid compramising our plan, that just listening to our babies was the best thing. We all operate with the best of intentions for our little one but we also operate with a need to hold ourself to a higher standard than is realistic. I have always had such a hard time being patient, I have always  wanted things to happen as fast as I can imagine them, and all the time and effort I put in to my vision has to count or I am instantly discouraged. This is no new struggle for me, but becoming a Mother hightens it. Before when you were just you and young and wild and free time had no hold, it was all you had. Then suddenly you don’t have any and you are responsible for a whole human, one you love more than life itself and the preasure and desire to become your full self sinks in fast.

We all have spent a life time imagining the ‘grown up’ and the type of Mother and Wife we will be someday and suddenly someday is today and we have this crazy need to be it all RIGHT NOW. This makes us anxious to do it all, and we try, we tap dance to a always quickening rythm not realizing it is only ourselves causing it to pick up speed until we just can’t keep up, and as we slow our speed and our song softens and calms we finally come in to our true tune and that is what it is all about. Slowing, absorbing, and loving our new role. And letting go of perfect, of ‘right now’, of needing to do it all. And as we learn this lesson of releasing our unrealistic ideals, new, unimaginally perfect circumstances set in. And we grow, our littles grow, and we no longer miss anything because there is nothing but time for everything else. We start to see they are growing and changing every moment, and no two days will ever be the same even when we feel like they are all a long line of the same, your baby isn’t the little soul it was yesterday, nor are you, and that is worth slowing down and absorbing. As I watched my sweet friend Caroline tend to her tiny new baby I remembered that stage, in all of its beauty and struggles, and I saw that it had gotten easier, and that I have created so much since. And it is in the release that I have become richer. And I was freed. And it was beautiful. I hope this helps you to know that you are enough, you do enough, and if you slow down and look in to those little eyes of the life you created laying in your arms, you will see- to them you already are everything. And in that I hope you can release yourself from all of your inner demands and be freed knowing that you are already all you should be. And the most beautiful, hopeful part is there is so much more to come as you continue to build your little world, it is in the learning and doing that the living lies, not in the end result.




– What does my mantra ‘keep sprucin’ mean? Find Out Here! –

At the end of every post you may have noticed I have a tag line that reads ‘keep sprucin.’ I wanted to tell you the story and meaning behind those words so you can put the idea to work for you. It is a term I created a while back to describe what I try to do each day in every aspect of my life. It started a few years ago as a silly idea I came up with after listening to one to many of my mom’s made up jokes. They are puns mostly, bad puns, not very punny at all lol. But this one sort of stuck with me because it truly captions my actions on a day-to-day basis. My home here on the Oregon coast is surrounded by beautiful and mighty Sitka spruce trees, on all the sides but the one that faces my shining ocean. And my place in this world between the two is why I named my brand and blog ‘Sitka Trees & Salty Seas.’ It is an absolute tribute to this precious place I was made.

Ever since I was a little girl I have loved the way the tall old trees stand proud all around us. When the sun sets or wakes here in my sandy little town they spread their lovely silhouettes upon the watercolor of sky. The contrast is one of my favorite sights on this earth. The sky’s painting is ever-changing but no matter what the day weathered them with, the spruce trees are always standing tall, just as lovely and mighty as ever. They are never slighted by a ‘bad day’ there aren’t any when you are a tree. When you are a tree good days or bad, you just keep growing and adapting and getting stronger and bigger and more beautiful. And ever since I was just a sandy little blonde girl growing up my most satisfying and full moments are those when I create or complete something. This comes to me in many forms. Whether it be painting a happy piece, putting together a perfect little seashell creation, writing something that just spilled out from me perfectly, or simply rearranging a space in my home. All bring me the same flooding feeling of humbled satisfaction.

As I enter each day that burning feeling in my soul to compose something out of my over-stimulated over-inspired heart is what I run on. The chase of the  feeling that ultimately comes after you finish something made straight  from mind and emotions, a feeling turned object, reflecting all of the roots it holds within you.  I am always looking to ‘spruce things up’ as it has been said before, to always ‘keep sprucin’ in all I do. The big and small areas of my life, the pebbles and the mountains of my heart. Every night when I lay my head down I need to have the assuring buzz that I made something or made something better. And as I build this blog my goal is to instill that same desire within you. The buzzing drive that will spark an inspiration within you to do the same. Whatever your task or challenge may be, whatever it’s size, whether it is writing a book or just organizing the flippin’ Tupperware cabinet finally, I hope to help you to the foot of, and all the way through those missions. Because we are what we do; and when what we do creates something beautiful or results in inner peace and accomplishment our souls become richer and the drive multiplies. We conquer the big by assessing and obtaining the small. With every little task and project completed we are fueling the next; making our skills better, striving further, getting closer to our visions, even if they aren’t yet clear. Our every move in this life is in part the deciphering of our creative process and fulfillment. The more we do the more we become. We promote inner abundance and order by obtaining it on the outside. Not in materials or monetary value but in the beauty, flow, and personal authenticity in the little world we build around us that is our life. The feeling these things bring is why I remind you with each new note I gift you to above all ‘keep sprucin’ in all you do. In the big, the small, even in the tiniest of things you love that bring you joy. The miniscule luxuries of the soul that seem so small to others. Those things that appear normal to those on the outside of your being, the things no one could see or appreciate the way your specific heart does. Yes, even the littlest personal necessities are all equally important and soul shifting as the big. These personal fuels vary from person to person.

For me it is my sleepy monk coffee. The ground white chocolate Americano I wake up thinking about. So bold; so many moments and memories in its aroma and flavor splitting all of my senses awake. Reading a soulful sentence that flicks my heartstrings with its beauty. The silent words read to self catching in my throat and swelling wet in my eyes. It is the cove in the morning; a parking strip right above the shore line in my home town. Seeing the waves kiss the smoothed, cool, charcoal stones awake, the shine my place has as the sun climbs over the eastern mountain ridge to greet the sea. The sweet moss filled salty morning air. The smell of my favorite shampoo after some time with out splurging. It is as small as a bathroom mirror love note, and as big as my little girls love filled eyes and heart slicing smile. The simple, and the immense. All are of equal importance to my self nurturing routine, to my inspiration, and truly to my overall happiness and inner condition. The specifics that make you feel like you is our personal Authenticity in its purest form. The chosen specifics that fill your heart and soul with bliss and inspire you. Be like the noble, wild spruce trees, through any weather, any condition- just keep planting your roots and spreading yourself towards the sun. With every drop of fuel this world gives you nourish yourself and grow. For a tree those come in elemental forms. In the sun and the rain and their life giving, positive sources. And in the more testing forms like storms, wind, lightening. But no matter the origin of these sources the tree almost always converts them to life, to growth, to solidity- to new blooms, and deeper roots.  For us  these driving forces come in many different forms. The good and the bad as well. But I believe ours are more emotional and circumstantial pieces- like love, loss, success, delay, passion- relationships that take work, jobs that take compromise, learning to know the difference, when to fight when to fly. It is all a conditioning of sorts to the better if we just believe it to be. Be like the Sitka- turn it all to growth.  We all have these factors working in our lives every day, they can be a blessing or a curse, the choice is always ours, we must choose joy again and again. Find your strengths in every opportunity, the little piece, however tiny that you can twist in to a tool- find them and put them to work for you.  If we do this with the things we can’t control and be sure to add the things that drive our happiness and accomplishment, our potential becomes infinite. Whatever keeps you going and growing- capture it and spend your time and self on it. And when you are given the more challenging and testing circumstances and moments, stand tall through the storm and use the moment as a lesson- find the blessing, and in turn an opportunity to expand your understanding, you heart, and your abilities . The taller the tree grows the stronger, and the same goes with us; the more we nourish the self the more powerful we become. To quote myself in much earlier notebook scribbles from my life ‘Any progress is good progress. Either what we do is a success and bring us good or it is trial and error and brings us a lesson. But it is always, always a step somewhere, and anywhere further than where you started is a win.’

So take my words friends and-

g spruce fixed blue


My Sandy Little Family

My house has a one to one people to dog ratio. When my boyfriend and I met he had two labs and shortly after we started dating I adopted a speckled little perfect mess of a mystery mutt. And then this last Christmas Eve we were blessed with our first little one, Brighty Jo. She is beautiful and perfect and smells like heaven and I never imagined a love like this. Not just the one I have desperately fallen in for my little girl but also a new love that was born for the man who gave her to me. I have always sort of gypsy’d around before settling down with Dylan. Before him I moved all over the country, working crazy jobs, living off of wild adventures and balanced chaos. Now here I am, all of that came to a grinding halt, the same stand still I have spent most of my time fearing; the monotony, the dull everydays, becoming stagnint, it is now my haven, my sanctuary. I remember wondering how people did it, the house, the marriage, the sameness, and now I find myself blissfully thriving in it. I feel a slight sting of embarrassment that I ever believed that this sort of life couldn’t be full; absolutely full, and bursting with love and truth and excitement. Dylan and I went to high school together, and in the sandy little beach town we grew up in that is saying something. Our school isn’t like the ones in the city with it’s masses of students, there are only about four hundred kids in the one high school in our town. He was a few years ahead of me, we had all of the same friends and somehow danced around each other for years. Like everyone who grew up in Seaside, we knew each other without really knowing each other; only because our lives had paralleled from elementary school on. When I graduated I found a cycle of living at home and moving away and coming home again. Only returning to work through the summers and save for my next adventure. After about five years of those same shenanigans I was in the midst of one of my living at home phases and in a pretty serious relationship. As was Dylan. Within the same six months we both had ended these live in relationships of the exact same length of each other and stumbled fatefully into each other. We met, really met and actually learned each other for the first time, baffled that we had shared the same bus route, places, and faces for literally YEARS and never discovered our surreal connection until then. We spent more and more time together and found a friendship and love that was unreal. It was wild that we had both been right there all along and complimented each other so well and yet never found each other sooner. It really reenforces the belief I have had for a long time that god gifts us the things we need but not until we are ready to appreciate, nurture, and protect those gifts. We have a shared love for so many things, biggest of all, this beautiful coastal town we call home, the sea, family, all of the simplest yet most thrilling parts of life. Our principles, faith, and beliefs matched beautifully. We were no doubt the rest of each other. Because we had both just ended serious relationships, that up until they fell apart we both thought would be indefinite, we decided the only wise thing to do was to take things slow. That went exactly as planned. Enter positive pregnancy test a month later. Surprise!


It was news neither of us well, obviously expected, but also something neither of us could find a reason to go against. We had been dancing in this beautiful little routine of our love and had truly found a confidence and need for each other neither of us had found with anyone, or anything before. The calm sensation that met our hearts after the initial shock wore off was undeniable. We were having a baby. That is obviously the only thing a couple needs when they have three dogs between them after all. Oui. So here we are, we have a sweet home barely a mile from our ocean, a soul shakingly beautiful little girl, a home that we are slowly making our own and, of course, the three dogs. Sitka, Corona, and Coho. A tree, a kind of beer, and a type of salmon. Naturally, as the oregon coast natives that we are. We love our local coffee, our beach, surfing and skim boarding, making things for our home, cooking, hiking, collecting treasures on our morning beach walks, and all adventures for that matter. We are beach bums through and through, our house is a sandy little haven of us. I am so excited to share it with you and hopefully inspire you whether you are coastal creatures like us or city folk looking to escape a little, I urge you to join us, it’s gunna be an epic ride!