– Beach Washed Bed Frame Tutorial –

imageThis bed was an awesome little project to warm up our nesting motors. When we got the news a few months ago we were expecting a little girl our slow paced beach bum routine went into full speed chaos as I reacted to those silly but very persuasive little hormone bugs that convince you every little project you have ever wanted to do to your home is now or never.

(Not the case it turns out as I sit here now eight months  pregnant with most of my pre-baby list complete and  the things that weren’t really necessary have been thinned out and put back on the someday list where they pleasantly belong and behold the world has not ended, our home is ready, she has all she needs, I will say more in my being mama/pregnancy section.)

Any-whoooo, this was simple, especially on my side, I put my poor man to work once again on a Sunday project and with just $50 dollars in wood, a trip to Home Depot, and an hour or so of work we had a one of a kind sturdy bed that matched our sandy home perfectly! I love that this project can be altered to fit whatever your style is, if you want more of a polished modern look buy a high gloss paint to use, and add some metal at the corners to jazz it up. But we are beach folk, so my quick back and forth white wash paint job with a thick haired brush gave us just the look that suited. Alright, here is the run down!

We started by measuring our space and the mattress itself to determine the size of the outer most frame of the bed and cut the wood accordingly. You will need to figure out how much wood you will need for the size of bed you are wanting to create. We used 2x8s and were able to make a king size bed out of      Below is a list outline of all the pieces you will need to make the bed, you will just adjust to your specific desired size.

– Four pieces the desired length of your Bed Design.

– Nine pieces cut the desired width of your Bed Design.

– Eight pieces cut the height you wish for your bed to be. (Two per leg)



You will start by taking two of the width pieces and two length pieces and making a rectangular frame for your Bed.


Next you will install the remaining six pieces that are cut the width of your Bed throughout your rectangle as supports. You can buy metal brackets at Home Depot if you wish to reinforce the seams further on your bed but we opted to just go to town with the nail gun, even though we bought the brackets in case.


Then separately you are going to construct the legs of the bed, using two of the eight height cut pieces you are going to nail them together, two at a time to each other creating the four legs that will look like the photo on the left.

Once all four of your legs are assembled you are going to line them up on the corners of your inner frame for your bed. You will then measure the length of the inner frame that is showing between the legs  the length and width of your bed, as you are going to cut the remaining wood you have that is the length and width of your bed to fit in these spaces. This will be the outer shell and the visible part of your bed.


I will add that before attaching the legs and outer shell of the bed on to the frame I used a hammer, some chain, and some other random sharp stuff from our garage and beat the poop out of the pieces that were going to be visible, I wanted it to have a worn beach look and for some of the raw wood to show through my white washed paint job. Which I also slapped on before I put the bed together. However as I mentioned  before if you are going for a more sleek and modern look I would replace this step with sanding the outside pieces to give you the sealed and clean look you desire. If this is the route you are going I would wait until the bed is assembled before you paint so you get an even and efficient paint job. Mine was made to look messy and worn away so I painted it before hand while my husband worked.

imageOnce you are ready to attach all of your outside pieces go ahead and do so! You will also want to add a support going through the middle of the head and foot parts of the bed, between the frame and the first support, we somehow skipped this step and our mattress fell through a little the first few nights lol.


And there you have it! A simple and versatile outline for creating a bed out of very little! Please feel free to contact me with any questions as I know this tutorial may be a little confusing, I wrote it way after the completion and my husband maned most of it and was on the boat working when I wrote this up. Please let me know if you need help or guidance and I will do my best!

– g